Jul 8, 2020

The Tiny Pocket On Your Jeans

However jokes apart…..

It’s actually a watch pocket, originally for men who wore pocket watches and needed a protective place to store them. Though, as Levi’s points out, the pocket has also served many other purposes over time, from condom storage to coin hoarding.

Jul 6, 2020

Corona And Creativity – These Stands out..

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Jul 4, 2020

Finally A Logo That Says It All

Jul 2, 2020

The Foolish And The Wise

If you are dealing with a wise person, talking is helpful. They soak up feedback and use it to adjust their lives for the better. Your input can truly make a difference.

If you are dealing with a fool, however, talking is a waste of your time. They resist change. The problem is never “in the room.” It’s always out there somewhere—something you can neither access nor address.

Jun 27, 2020

Only Six Months Of Life

Jun 21, 2020

Did You Know?

Jun 15, 2020

Real Reason For Blonde Jokes

Please if you have blonde hair do not be offended.

Just because some one is blonde doesn’t mean they are stupid. I just thought this was kinda funny.

Jun 11, 2020

Don’t Kill The Spider?

Jun 9, 2020

Don’t Be An Askhole

Jun 8, 2020

What Is A Cockwomble?

A person, usually male, prone to making outrageously stupid statements and/or inappropriate behaviour while generally having a very high opinion of his own wisdom and importance.

It is a British Slang and derogatory term given to a foolish person.