Sep 6, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys, And So Will A Lot Of Men

I hope you never let this down now, “Boys Will Be Boys”. And so will a whole lot of men. I forget who said this but there is great truth in this apt saying.

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All one has to do is keep a close watch on the behavior of these two groups and the similarities will strike you immediately. For further clues, watch for signs such as acquisition of a new gadget.

The moment someone pulls out a new mobile phone and starts playing around with it, ninety to one all the (male) heads will swivel in that direction. If that same person had sat there waiting in the most outlandish clothes a la the Pied Piper, not one bit of attention would have been thrown his way.

But there’s something irresistible about a new gizmo which is certain to break the ice straight away.

The questions will pour thick and fast as all its plus points are discussed at length.

When that avenue is exhausted, comparisons will be made. Such as which model has the most functions, the best user-friendly keypad and so on and so forth ad nauseum and ad infinitum.

If you listen carefully, you might even catch glimpses of envy, subtly introduced but there nonetheless.

One dissenting voice might intervene to say that although admittedly it is one of the best available in the market, he has heard …

But the seeds of doubt have been sown. Contrast this situation with that of a group of boys surrounding one who holds in his hand a shiny new toy just out in the market.

His doting parents have bought him this to make him forever hold his tongue. Here the envy is palpable and much more easily discernible.

A voice will pipe up with how much it cost. These young ones of today are as canny as their elders. Then the clamor of voices asking for a demo of its varied functions and the excitement soon reaches fever pitch.

The owner of the new toy must play his part well. He must be seen as obliging, ready to let others touch the object on display and maybe press a button or two however much this may go against all he holds dear.

For any sign of superiority will soon earn him the wrath of these fickle admirers.

Among the adult species, the proud owner will appear nonchalant, as if he picked up the gadget for a lark and now is overcome by all this attention.

The blasé act, however, is seen through almost at once and he will have to earn the honor of being the proud possessor of this shiny new toy.

He will be expected to know all its uses and permutations to cope with the volley of questions thrown at him. If he wants to continue to be the centre of attention, he’d better know his facts or lose face forever.

This ‘fever’ of acquisition runs in my family too. Sadly, a sibling, yes, a brother if you want to be even more precise, suffers from this affliction for the newest, the fastest, the most hi-tech.

Nothing has been able to cure him of this get-me-the-latest-gizmoitis.

I have now come to believe it’s an incurable disease confined mainly to the male of the human species although I must confess that my research has not yet extended to the animal kingdom.

I am sure a deeper study of this phenomenon among creatures great and small will reveal much food for thought. As well as confirmation of the truth of the saying quoted at the beginning of this piece.

Come on lets talk, your turn now…..


  • Hahaha! Well, you mentioned the clothes on the Pied Piper! Girls play this game too.

    But, the happiest of either sex seem to be those who are genuinely interested, (sure the new iPhone does some cool stuff), but need not partake. The world is full of new incredible experiences to be had for the expense of walking out the door!

    And… no spending equals no debt equals FREEDOM! Freedom from bosses, jobs, and freedom of location and activity!

  • “I have now come to believe it’s an incurable disease confined mainly to the male of the human species …”
    Meh. Replace every instance of “boy” with “girl”, “man” with “woman”, “shiny new toy” with “Barbie” and “gadget” with “designer shoes/purse”.
    There you go. We aren’t so different after all.

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