Jun 30, 2012

What To Do On Weekends?

Weekends should be a time to relax, to unwind and get over the stresses of the past-week while recharging the batteries for the week ahead. But, instead too many of us now actively dread the thought of the two-day break as it has become busier than the working week!

The truth is that for far too many, planning for the weekend has become akin to a working out the logistics for a co-ordinate military exercise. Making sure that we the squeeze the maximum amount of activity into a mere 48 hour period has become, like everything else in our lives, a competition. We compete against each other and the dreaded clock as we strive to produce the ‘best’ possible weekend.

But we don’t help ourselves, because we live in an age when too many of us are consumed with guilt when idle. So, instead of relishing any peace, there is a nagging doubt that we should be doing something productive; so it’s no wonder that we have trouble sleeping. Sleep deprivation is on the rise according to the government, as we simply find it far too difficult to switch off from life. Even though the body needs rest the mind simply can’t stop ticking over.

To compound stress levels further, it appears anyone equipped with the latest versions of smart phones can never escape the office. Wherever they go they can be contacted. Employers expect us to be at the desk for the allotted working hours, but many now even consider contacting workers outside of core hours as the norm. Can we ever escape?

During the week domestic chores remain undone and laundry piles up. All those modern appliances that were meant to make our lives easier have merely made them fuller, as we desperately try to squeeze another activity into the time freed by having the latest mod-cons.

Additionally, the stress levels aren’t helped by the fact that there are now too many active choices for weekends; DIY, shopping, watching sport, playing sport, operating as the kids’ taxi, and many others. There simply isn’t time to relax, is there?

Well, yes there is; take a break from the stress and try doing as little as possible. Join the hundreds of thousands of people who use their weekend to get away from the stress of the week, not add to it! Many leave their house and worries behind and escape for their relaxation; a pampered spa weekend, for example, is now proving a popular respite from the modern world. Alternatively, visit the beach – either in this country or via a cheap flight, in.

Finally, there is an even simpler solution. If you are just too exhausted to leave the confines of the house, unplug the phone, lock the door, batten down the hatches and spend the entire weekend at home, doing absolutely nothing.

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