Dec 18, 2011

An Update Is Available For Your Computer

The cartoon was written by a Linux user but he doesn’t have to make himself feel better. He ALREADY feels better because he knows Linux can do anything Windows and Mac can but it’s all free. By “all free” I mean everything… the OS, the apps, the updates to the OS, the updates to the apps, no matter whether those are major updates or minor updates and bug fixes.

Upgrades from one version of Windows to another have been priced ridiculously and mostly what you get is just new eye candy. Linux has all that eye candy and more and it’s free.

Mac may have cheaper upgrades but the cost of the hardware is ridiculous. It’s the same hardware Linux and Windows runs on just rebranded with a half eaten apple and stuffed into an Apple case. Ya gotta be stupid to pay the price Apple wants for their hardware. Do they have better warranty or support? Not from what I’ve heard. I build all the PCs I run with off the shelf parts. I run BOINC which means they run 24/7 and I haven’t had a hardware failure in years. The fact is that modern electronics are very tough and durable as long as you protect them from heat and voltage spikes. Take care of them and they’ll become obsolete before they break. So I just don’t see any need for slapping a half eaten apple on them and doubling the price even if that gets you a better warranty.

Linux rules, the rest drool and all you Windows and Mac users know it but you’re just too stupid to change. Yah, some of are forced to run Windows/Mac at work because that’s what your boss wants but we’re talking here about what you run at home when YOU are footing the bill and making the decisions. Anybody with half a brain in his head is running Linux.

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