Nov 23, 2011

Positive Mental Attitude: How to Stop Thinking Negative

The concept of a “Positive Mental Attitude” was first introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book, “Think and Grow Rich” in 1937. He later went on to write several other books including “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude”.

Positive mental attitude is a psychological term which describes a mental phenomenon in which the central idea is that one can increase achievement through optimistic thought processes. PMA implies that one has a vision of good natured change in one’s mind; it employs a state of mind that continues to seek, find and execute ways to win, or find a desir able outcome, regardless of the circumstances. It rejects negativity, defeatism and hopelessness. Part of the process of achieving PMA employs motivating “self talk” and deliberate goal-directed thinking.[citation needed]

Positive mental attitude means to respond positively to every situation in life. It means ‘to strongly believe that everything in this world is good’. PMA means that happiness and unhappiness are defined by our assumptions and do not depend on what we are facing outside ourselves. It takes the form of sayings like “Our Attitude Decides Our Altitude.”

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