Nov 14, 2011

Do You Believe It Is Possible To Learn Magic?

Is it easy to do what magicians are doing in front of many spectators? How does it feel if you are the one who is performing these kinds of magic sleights? Have you ever wondered how the magician on stage managed to get the rabbit out of the hat? Or how he managed to get the girl out of the coffin when she was sitting right next to you?

Well, magic tricks are not easy to learn or perform. But there is a huge art lying behind the madness and the magic. It may not be easy for you to start making people vanish into thin air, but you surely can try your hands at some sort of magic tricks. But most people keep wondering where to start and they end up never starting at all.

If you know how to use your computer, you can instantly learn magic tricks or even card tricks because the Internet is the answer.

By searching the internet, you can find almost all kinds of magic tricks that you want to learn. Be it magic tricks according to your age, or your skill level, you will find them all on the internet. The main factor that you need to consider and realize is that you are not going to become David Copperfield after you learn these magic tricks. But you surely you can become the center of attention at the next party. You can even impress friends and family members.

The best option is to start of with introductory level magic tricks that are meant for kids from the age of 3 or more. Now you may think that you are not that dumb, but there is nothing like starting from the basics. Though most of these magic tricks may seem corny to you, it will give you a taste of the basic magic tricks that you may use in advanced ones in the future. The hand movements, use of props, grabbing attention, diverting it, they are all covered in these basic Magic Tricks. So start off with the basics.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall.

Your mirror can be your best friend when it comes to learning and practicing magic tricks. Practicing in front of the mirror will not only show you your flaws, but it will also show you how you are going to perform in front of an audience. It will also give you the confidence to face an audience. Remember, practice makes perfect. So you have to make sure that you practice even the simplest of magic tricks to perfection.

If you execute and perform a magic trick properly and you get applause, there is nothing like it. Consider it to be a huge pat on the back. But then the reverse can also occur. What if you end up performing a trick and it becomes a dud? There is nothing more embarrassing. So practice till you feel that you can perform this trick even with your eyes closed. That’s when you are ready to face the world.

So what are doing right now? Open another browser and start searching for your favorite trick and show it to your friends. Just don’t forget to practice first.


  • Learning magic can be an ice breaker during social gathering, and even business networking sessions

  • Yet another fascinating post!

    Yeah, when you’re displaying to your family and friends, the problem could be that they’re too close to you physically, and break that ‘little magic thread’ you need to pull off your magic! But it’s also easy to trick family and friends, because they don’t know anything about ‘magic’.

    But guess what. It’s equally easy to trick scientists. Because scientists don’t look for hidden mirrors! Their minds are as clean as a six-year-old’s!

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