Sep 20, 2011

A Leader Is Nothing Without The People

I have a few points listed here to help illustrate examples of some of these ideas and what it might look like to lead with people more than simply leading them. I’d love to read your stories and examples of leadership, so please comment them below…

  • Integrity – hold your values strong and don’t sell out for anything
  • Always give (or at least include) your followers the credit for your successes
  • Take the responsibility and blame for your follower’s mistakes
  • Do not self-promote, learn to be a humble leader
  • Give decisions to your followers or at least include them
  • Regularly ask for others’ views and never judge them
  • Share your vulnerabilities
  • Help your followers anytime they need it
  • Be fair and treat everyone equally
  • Do what you say and hold others accountable for the same
  • Encouraging your people to grow, to learn and to take on as much as they want to, at a pace they can handle
  • Show compassion for others and what they share with you
  • Be confident and positive in all your actions
  • Read good books in your field and always encourage learning
  • Be a storyteller
  • Smile, have fun and be passionate about your goals!

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