Sep 19, 2011

A Coalition Government

Beloweth you will find an ode written,
About the Coalition, with whom I’m not smitten,
Found on the back of the Beano, handwritten,
In the hope that someone will listen!

The Coalition was formed, and austerity they did enforce,

It didn’t stop the MPs from going to Ascot racecourse,

The Nimrod was removed from the dwindling Royal Air Force,

The forces lost 2000 men, and have fewer commodores,

MPs expense fiddling continued as a matter of course,

They made new laws, yet reduced the Police-force,

The Labour Party being the only real counterforce,

They did little, just waited for Dave & Nick’s divorce,

They protected investments, their very life-force,

They increased their MPs expenses, as matter of perforce,

Increased the unemployment, and reduced the workforce,

Pensions were reduced, their own they did reinforce,

Mr Miliband says little, but plays on his rocking-horse,

Why is he not challenging them, through verbal intercourse,

They destroy the lives of so many poor, without remorse,

Only the rich nepotists, their policies endorse,

Engineers and car workers, now pack meals in pinafores,

They continue with their cuts, with no if’s, but’s or or’s!

(If a coalition collapses, a confidence vote is held or a motion of no confidence is taken.)

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