Jun 22, 2011

Why Women Cannot Be Satisfied By Men



  • You probably haven’t meant to do so, however I believe you have managed to express the mind-set that many of people are in. The sense of wanting to assist, however not figuring out how or the place, is one thing a number of us are going through.

  • Of course women can be satiated – albeit temporarily. If you want lasting freedom from life’s discomforts, you might try buddhism.

    To temporarily satisfy a woman, simply apply chocolate to the Penis, and as she enjoys that, reward her with the currency (for some it’s cash – but it need not come directly out of the penis – just be associated with it) that she desires. To understand the currency anyone uses, simply read the 5 languages of love. Some people want gifts, some want to be told they are awesome, some want you to give them a massage and carry their bags, some just want affection. Personally, I like giving and receiving affection. If you are mismatched with someone – you like buying gifts, but they like affection – they will be repulsed by your chocolate dipped penis. Now everyone is not just using one currency, but we all have our top 2 or 3.

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