Jun 28, 2011

Interesting And Amusing Facts About Animals


  • As if sharks weren’t scary enough…

  • I think I am a shark…I don’t get sick very often.

  • I am sure someone somewhere could give a shark a disease if he or she tried hard enough and why should sharks have it so good? Interesting facts will save mankind from the reality of his illusions. Oneday only the strong will have survived and mabey they will be sharks.

  • Very exciting, very informative, fun and interesting…dnkz.

  • sharks AREN’T immune!!!!!

  • I wish I could lick my ears clean. . . actually, maybe not!

  • Why aren’t we studying the immune system of sharks?

  • Very interesting!

  • omg that was awesome XD i never new about the giraffe… eww haha

  • If sharks are so incredible, which they absolutely are, why are we allowing 100 million of them to be inhumanely slaughtered for their fins every year? Sharks should not be killed for their tasteless, nutritionless fins for a crap soup for people trying to show how rich they are.

  • I live in the Paris area and have to call the Paris comment.

    There are a lot of dogs here, probably more visible than in most major cities because we can bring them into stores and restaurants, but there are only about 7.5 million dogs in all of France. The (human) population of Paris itself is about 2.3 million people and (dog) population about a half million. The (human) population of the Paris metropolitan area (called the Ile de France) is about 12 million people and I don’t know how many dogs.

    I seriously do

  • Very nice – I enjoyed the pictures as well…Almost look like those motivational posters.

  • very interesting info, very useful n also amuzing

  • Sharks can get cancer, which is essentially a disease.

  • Sharks are blessed with a very simple immune system, which allows them to fight infection and disease far better than humans. The immune system of sharks is being researched and studies to determine why it is that sharks appear to be immune to most diseases. It is not true that they are immune to all, but they do have an amazing immune that fights it off in a manner that surpasses the human ability to ward off infection and disease. The major difference between the immune system of a shark and a human is that sharks have two accessory immunological structures that humans do not possess. They are the epigonal organ and the Leydig’s organ. The epigonal organ is located beneath the kidneys, and the Leydig’s organ in within the esophagus. These organs are only found in sharks, making these sea creatures even more unique. Studies have concluded that the epigonal organ is where T-cells are differentiated, playing a huge role in the immune system of the shark.


  • Sharks aint immune to all known diseases.
    they just have an extremely low count of cancer strikes.
    But they DO get sick. thats 100% for sure check up on your facts next time, mate

  • if sharks are really immune to all known diseases then we should spend more time researching them and their adaptations!

  • These are great, but sharks aren’t immune to everything. They even get cancer. They just tend to get diseases at lower rates than most animals which is why we’re studying them.

  • Very cool info :D. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hey, thanks for sharing the interesting facts!! The one about giraffee and being able to stretch its tongue so far is a bit creepy!!

  • Great stuff!! Good info!!! I adore all animals…

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