Jun 30, 2011

20 Oddities You Might Find Funny

These are only some of the few things I examine in the following twenty features I have come up with concerning life and all its intricacies. Some will make you laugh, others will make you scratch your chin, but whatever your behavior, each and every one of these twenty or so queries.

1) How come when you close a glue cap the glue sticks but this same paste does not stick to the sides of the glue tube?

2) Did you know that according to mental research that has been carried out all over the world twenty-five percent of the population are suffering from one from of mental deficiency or the other. In lay terms, this means that if you have three friends that are sane, you are the one insane!

3) If you have either a television or a Video Receiver or a DVD or anything that needs a remote controller, this odd behavior is familiar. Have you noticed that whenever the batteries begin to get dull, we press down harder? Are we expecting to squeeze more out of them?

4) Supposedly the man from the jungle lives in the jungle, yes? Then, how and where did his beard disappear to?

5) How is it that no matter how tight you close the shutters of light bulbs, flies or other insects manage to get inside?

6) Still use plastic bags instead of the more nature-friendly paper ones? Ok. Then, pray tell, why can’t I ever manage to open one on my 1st attempt?

7) Why do they use sterilized needles when injecting a convict on death role?

8) Why do the banks charge extra if you withdraw more money than is present from your bank account? Don’t they realize that there’s no money in the account?

9) Why don’t we ever hear jokes about father-in-laws?

10) If people run into a sign near a park bench saying that the paint is wet, every one will touch it to check. If this is so, why don’t these same folk verify the star count of around four billion stars so stated according to various scientists?

11) Why do we return to the refrigerator and gaze in when we know that there’s nothing interesting to eat inside?

12) Notice how bullets bounce off superman’s chests, but the moment the villain throws the empty revolver, this same invincible superman ducks. Shouldn’t the revolver bounce off his chest too?

13) I’m sure you’ve heard of the evolutionary claim that mankind has evolved from monkeys. Before I am to believe this, I want to know that if this is so why are monkeys still roaming earth?

14) Why is it that when we try to catch something that is falling off a table, our hand knocks down something else?

15) Why did the Japanese kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

16) Use a vacuum cleaner at home? I do. But, explain to me why I move it over and over a piece of thread in the hopes that it will suck it in. Then, why do I pick up that rope, examine it and then place it back down and retry to suck it in using the vacuum cleaner?

17) How come soap bubbles are always white no matter what the colour of the soap?

18) Aren’t we unnecessarily mental by trying to create summer in our house during winter, and vice verse, when we try and create winter during summer?

19) Is there any day when mattresses are not on sale?

20) Isn’t it silly that when if wandering through one of the large shopping malls someone doesn’t pay attention and the cart they are pushing smacks into your toes, and then they say sorry, all we can think of saying is that no harm was done while your toe is aching.

Before I End:
Above you have run into about twenty or so intriguing incidents on life that I or some friend of mine has come across. Most will be familiar to you. Some might not. But, I hope that each one of them will if not make you at least laugh, bring a wry smile to your face and to your heart.


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  • This joker will not be obtaining one more 4 a long time, I anticipation.

  • We didn’t actually come from monkeys, but monkeys and humans both came from a common ancestor. Just like French didn’t come from Spanish, but they both came from Latin.

  • cool stuff 🙂

    How about this one? – after falling off a bicycle, why a kid looks around to see if someone is watching before caring for his wounds? 🙂

  • “Why do they use sterilized needles when injecting a convict on death role?”

    Why are we injecting them with a million dollar poison when cutting off the circulation to the brain is far less painful and works in thirty seconds? Because the medical companies make money, and they can sell the taxpayers a $10 alcohol swab.

  • This did not make me laugh, but did make me smile. Nice things you noticed there, Thanks!

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