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Aug 29, 2011

The World’s Best Paper Plane

What you probably might think as child’s play, but there’s a surprising amount of history behind paper airplanes.

How to fold the world’s longest flying paper plane.

Even today, with the benefit of modern aerodynamics, physics, and materials, the creation of a good paper airplane is still as much art as it is science. Grab a stack of 8.5″ x 11″ paper, find a clean, flat surface, and get ready to fold. Here are five of our favorite flying wonders.

The Author of this plane (he floated in Guinness record 27 seconds) is Ken Blackburn. in his book he states that he did not invent the plane. He tried several classic designs and choose this one. Although Blackburn’s record has been surpassed, the design is still superb, and it’s surprisingly easy to make. Perhaps you can out fly him.