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Jan 26, 2012

Pizza And Sex: Similarities

Mel Brooks and Sharon Stone have both been quoted as saying that “Sex is like pizza. Even if it’s done bad, it’s still good.” But is that really true all the time? And are there other ways that sex is like pizza? More importantly, what are the nine worst possible ways that you could possibly respond to such a sexual innuendo.

Jan 1, 2012

Do You Understand Magic?

ah….. Who doesnt?

I love magic! Always have tried to learn new stuff, though I always forget stuff.

Tricks are a nice way to entertain just about anyone, but practice is a must, if you’re lousy and everyone understands what’s really happening(even though they know it’s not ‘magic’, they still can’t figure out how it’s being done a lot of times) then it’s just a waste of a technique!

Dec 18, 2011

An Update Is Available For Your Computer

The cartoon was written by a Linux user but he doesn’t have to make himself feel better. He ALREADY feels better because he knows Linux can do anything Windows and Mac can but it’s all free. By “all free” I mean everything… the OS, the apps, the updates to the OS, the updates to the apps, no matter whether those are major updates or minor updates and bug fixes.

Upgrades from one version of Windows to another have been priced ridiculously and mostly what you get is just new eye candy. Linux has all that eye candy and more and it’s free.

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